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Dual Fuel Hybrid Heating & Cooling System Installations


    Do your separate heating and cooling systems take up too much space? A large furnace in the basement and an obtrusive air conditioning unit outside can interfere with your home’s aesthetic. When the systems have begun to underperform, the situation is only made worse. What if there was an energy-efficient solution to combine both systems? The dual-fuel hybrid heating and cooling system could be the answer to your HVAC problems.

    What Is a Dual Fuel Hybrid System?

    The dual-fuel hybrid heating and air conditioning system combines a fuel-fired furnace with an electric heat pump. The furnace can be powered by natural gas, propane, or oil, while the heat pump transfers outside air inside and converts it to warm or cool air.

    How Does This Dual System Work?

    Within a dual fuel hybrid HVAC system, the heat pump works like a central air conditioner. During spring, summer, and fall, it extracts warm air from the home to keep it an ideal temperature during mild and hot seasons. Come winter, the furnace element takes over.

    What Are The Benefits?

    • Save on cost of installing and maintaining both systems
    • Increased energy savings
    • Efficient performance for maximum comfort

    By transferring heat rather than creating it, heat pumps use less energy than other methods. It’s also estimated that high-efficiency gas furnaces are about 90 percent more efficient than competing options. The dual hybrid heating and cooling system combine these two top-performing elements to create the ideal HVAC solution!

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