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How does a boiler work?

When you ask your thermostat for heat, your boiler begins using oil, gas, or electricity to heat up the water inside it.

Once the water/steam is hot enough, it is sent to the rest of the house to the radiators or radiant heat through the connected pipes.

The heat is transferred from the water into the surrounding air, the cold water now returns to the boiler to be reheated.

The process continues until your room is at the desired temperature.


A lot of homes still use boilers. They provide even heat, they typically last longer than furnaces, and they don’t kick up dust and other airborne irritants into your rooms.


Trio boilers

TRIO boilers beat out the traditional boiler by providing a high efficiency, triple pass, low mass design.

We know that these three terms probably don’t mean much to you but we’ll explain them so that anyone can understand the value they provide, and see why this design will cut your heating costs!

Low Mass Design

It all begins with the design of the trio boiler. Traditional boilers have a 12 to 15 gallon water tank that they have to bring up to temperature every time you ask for heat. Trio boilers have a 3.5 gallon water tank, this means that there is less water to heat up so it comes up to temperature faster, and moves the water through more efficiently. This will save on energy since the boiler is using less fuel to generate the required temperature.

Triple Pass Optimization

When your traditional boiler burns fuel, the exhaust that results leaves your home. This exhaust is still hot, that means that your traditional boiler leaves energy left unused. Trio boilers circulate this exhaust into three chambers where the heat is exchanged before it leaves your home. This makes the most out of the utilized fuel and brings the water to temperature using less fuel. Less fuel = more savings.

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